aNTS, Go aWaY...!!!

Owh my goodness...!!! I've been bitten by ants...!!! I can't stand it...!!! It makes my body itchy...!!!

Since I moved in to this house, I've never been bitten by ants before but not today. They attacked me like I was a feast. Hello little ants, don't you realize it takes more than just your little mandibles to take me down...??? (-___-)"

I can assure you, compared to mosquito bites, ant bites are more exasperating. Well, I'm not saying I'd rather been bitten by mosquitoes but I prefer to be bitten by NONE...!!! I'm scratching my whole body as I write this entry. I hope I can find the source of the ants and destroy them. I don't think I need to plant insecticide whatsoever.

I hope I can have a good sleep tonight. I will kill you soon, you little ants...!!!


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Hanis Manis said...

haha. berdendam dengan semut nampak!

wei, meh lah menziarah blog i!hee.

ballqiszbelle said...

hua~ semut!!

kite mempunyai kisah yg sama!!
last time, i had to repair my lappy just because of ants. They appeared IN the screen and i sprayed ridsect..gila kan? then kene repair sampai RM600...tukar motherboard la ape la...

and now, they are still biting me, and i think most probably, ada sarang dlm lappy ni, dia keluar bnyk gila....

so i just buy ubat semut, yang macam kapur tu, sapu kat lappy...terus xde dah....hehe..

and kadang2 naik smpai kat katil...padahal xde pon mknn..gila tul...

(sori pnjg komen, excited!)

Iz said...

Hanis: i tak tau pon u ade blogspot...ok nanti i follow...huhuhu
Ball: tension giler kan...??? sebab ni la dia naik atas tilam padahal takder makanan pon...habes orang plak yang die gigit...(>__<)