SeMeSTeR BReaK uPDaTe...!!!

Hello fellow readers...!!! I know it's been ages since I updated my blog. I don't know, I felt like I didn't have much thing to write while I was on my holiday. Well, scratch that. I should say I was on my semester break, because I think using the word "holiday" suits you going on a vacation. Hurm, maybe. I don't know.

Well actually as I write this I don't really know what to say. I am just updating this blog because I feel sorry for my blog as I've been neglecting it for a long time. Last time I abandoned my blog was in late 2007 and I didn't blog for the whole of 2008 because I just didn't feel like blogging anymore. When I got to ASASI in July 2009, suddenly I had the urge to blog again. I was thinking grammar and writing were vital aspects in learning English so I thought by lightning up my blog again will enable me to have a better English proficiency.

Speaking of English proficiency, I just remembered that I had gotten my result last week. Yes, the result of the first part of my study in B.Ed TESL. I only got 3.20 this semester. I felt okay with my result but there were some parties that thought having much better result than me was not good at all. I knew they didn't get in the Dean's list but couldn't they just be grateful for what they got? It's normal anyway, people can never be grateful for what they have. It's never enough.

I somehow thought it was ridiculous for me to even pass. If you were a loyal reader of mine, you would know how I ranted about those extremely difficult papers that I had to answer. I knew that I would pass TITAS, Linguistics and Literature, but I wasn't so sure about GnC and HDoE because they were a total disaster! It turned out that I got A- for TITAS, B+ for GnC and HDoE, B for my Linguistics and Literature and B- for National Kesatria. 

Frankly, I was shocked myself. TITAS was the only course where I never stayed awake and listened to the lecture. The course has already bored me to death, let alone the lecturer and his lectures. Well, thank goodness that my lecturer gave me an A for this. I think the reason I got an A for this course was because I did my very best in my presentation. Even though I presented it in Malay, I think I aced it. I thought I would fail GnC adn HDoE because they were damn hard but apparently I worried for nothing because I got better results than Linguistics and Literature, the two courses that I felt okay.

Well, I think this is it. It's a wake up call for me to be more serious next semester. I hope even given my result turned out to be a so-so, I hope I can get into the Dean's list next semester. I can do it...!!!

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ballqiszbelle said...

a loyal reader of yours...hehe...thats me thats me!!

congrats for your results. I think it's great coz, earlier, u said, the papers were V hard but, u aced it!! heheheheheheeeehehhehe..

tetiba takut nak masuk TESL..grrrrr


Iz said...

it's okay la ball...if you're not playful like me then you won't be having any problems...thanks for being my die hard reader...huhuhuh XD