Celcom New Monthly BIS only RM25...!!!

This is it...!!! The answer to our prayers...!!! In my previous post I was really devastated by Maxis' decision to reshuffle its BIS package. The cheapest one, RM20/month full access with limitation to 100MB usage but starting from next month users wouldn't be able to enjoy the same old package anymore. But fret no more!

I've just discovered that Celcom had recently created a brand new package for its users.

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According to Celcom, the 2 new packages are not promotional. So, it's a relief. Those who are not Celcom users, you can always choose to port to Celcom via Mobile Number Portability but it's not gonna be a problem for me because I have a Celcom number and I've always been a loyal Celcom user.

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So, you can always make a comparison up there. As you know, why Celcom is a little bit more expensive (RM5 more) is because it gives you streaming ability and 250MB per month unlike Maxis that used to give you no streaming ability and only 100MB per month.

It's your right, you decide!

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