FieLD eXPeRieNCe FiNaLe...!!!

Today is the final day I'm here. St. John's Institution. I'm seriously gonna miss you after this despite the fact that coming here back and forth is not the most wonderful thing to go through. If I need to come here much longer I think I'm gonna turn into a GREEN monster at the bottom. It's not that I don't like the school, I love the school actually. It's just that I hate the hustle and bustle that I had to go through everyday coming to this school, traffic jams especially.

Well, this is goodbye I guess. I got a present from the school for my last day today, a Bahasa Malaysia relief class in 3H, the 3rd class out of 6 classes. I guess I need to get a few things ready before going there. Till next time. (^^,)

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