Maxis BIS Bonus - The End of Cheap BIS

This is it! This is the point where we (Maxis BlackBerry users) have been afraid of. It's finally happening! Maxis has finally decided to put an end to Maxis BIS Bonus, after the extension that they have made since January 2011.

The old BIS Bonus had 2 packages. Monthly RM20 and weekly RM7. I am still currently using monthly RM20, but this is gonna be the end of it. Starting from next month, I'll have to use RM30 a month with limited access.

Monthly BIS Bonus enables me to use foursquare. Maybe I can't use it after this. This is a devastating news for my friends and I who have been a loyal user of this package. Whether we like it or not, we have to change plan starting from next month.

I've decided. Once my BIS Bonus expires, I'll be using Monthly BIS Social. It gives you the access to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace), BBM and other IMs. I won't be able to use Push Email anymore but I'm not really using it anyway. More expensive, I hope Maxis realizes that how much they have crushed our soul by doing this to their customers.

4 comment(s):

bombay said...

baru ko cerite kt aku pasal bende nie hari tu..tibe2 dah tuka plak..apela..

Iz said...

haha aku kan ambassador a.k.a spokesperson benda² camni...kene keep updated katakan...hahahha XD

Zinedine Zaiddin said...

fakap la meksis. habih youth plan aku pn tiba2 dia terminate pastu tukar jadi plan biasa.

dah la 10 sen/sms even utk meksis ke meksis. dasar ananda krishnan!

Iz said...

youth plan pack ke...??? aku pon guna plan tu jugak... (T__T)