DiGi Rivises New Unlimited BIS Plan...!!!

Okay now. I'm sorry I couldn't update my blog much. I've been extremely busy with my work as a waiter at a restaurant in Section 3, Shah Alam.

I wanna talk about what other BlackBerry prepaid users would really love to talk about. BlackBerry Internet Service which also known as BIS. As you know since Maxis decided to so-called revise its BIS Bonus, other telecommunication service provider took this chance revise their BIS plans. Celcom and DiGi turned their unlimited all access plans to RM25 per month.

The reason I'm posting this entry is to actually tell you that according to my experience so far, I think in terms of speed, I would give it to DiGi. Yes! I'm using DiGi as my BIS provider right now. I still don't know much about its coverage because I've never been out of Shah Alam since the first day I use this BIS.

If you're a BlackBerry newbie, I wouldn't suggest you to subscribe to Celcom. Despite the fact that I'm an extremely loyal user of Celcom, but they're giving a very crappy BIS. According to my experience, you only have 2 choices. It's either Maxis or DiGi. The difference is the price and coverage. Speed, they're pretty much the same.I can't wait to go back to Sabah and try out the coverage and BIS service there. 

I would like to take this chance to wish you a very good Ramadan. May ALLAH bless us with joy in this productive month. Amin.

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