LiTeRaTuRe iN MaLaYSiaN SCHooLS...!!!

So, LiMS was done. I opened the paper which made me fell into an exasperating shock! The format had changed! Like we weren’t even told about it before and suddenly everything on the paper was about comparing and contrasting.

The first question was asking us to state the metaphor in either the poem “Leisure” or “Nature”. When I saw that question, I began to wonder. Did I even know the real meaning behind the word metaphor? I mean, I knew it before but at that moment in the exam, I was puzzled. I wondered if my understanding of metaphor is the same with the real meaning of metaphor. I ended up describing the whole poem instead. (-___-)”

The second and third question was about comparing and contrasting between 2 poems but somehow I couldn’t recall what the questions asked. Well, I don’t think it matters anymore. Then I went to Part B which had 2 questions. The first question was about comparing and contrasting (again!) the conflict between 2 short stories while the second question was relating the given theme in the question to either a novel or the 2 dramas. I chose to answer question 1 as I know short stories better than the novel and dramas. I wrote about the conflict in the stories “One is One and All Alone” and “The Fruitcake Special”.

Stay tuned if you wanna know what happened in the second last paper, Sociology of Education. While waiting for me to create another entry, please help me “abuse” the ads in my blog, the one on the top and the one at the right above the chatting section. Help me pretty please okay. (^__^)

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