PRiNCiPLeS & PRaCTiCeS in eNGLiSH LaNGuaGe TeaCHiNG...!!!

Okay! I’ve just had the time to update this blog. Despite the fact that I’m freaking busy this exam week, I just feel like I need to update on all exam immediately because my mind would still be fresh.

Yeah, it happened yesterday. Once again, I didn’t know what to feel right after the exam has finished. Have u ever felt when you know you have read about something and sure about something but when it came out in exam your mind just couldn’t process the right thing to write. I couldn’t dig the information out of me. How frustrating is that?

I remember the questions that are still haunting me. One of them is defining the term Strategic Investment. I seriously read about it many times but at the time that I needed the information the most, it just didn’t come out! Of all terms, why did I have to forget that particular term?! Well, it already happened. There’s no use regretting now.

We also got our carry marks for Instructional Technology and I only got 40.5% out of 60%. I’m somehow disappointed with the marks because there was an assessment where we had to create an edublog and I followed each and every requirement instructed by the lecturer. I put every kind of multimedia in it, because it appealed to him. But apparently despite all the praises that he gave me in class, I only got 6.5% out of 10%.

It’s okay. I’m gonna keep on putting my effort in it and I still have a lot of time because IT’s paper is the final paper in this exam season. Hope that I can pull my pointer up with the assistance of this course. Okay, I better go. I need to finish revise all poems, short stories, plays and novels.

Astalavista baby! (^__^)

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bombay said...

iz..not bad pe 6.5..ok la nnty tambah lg..

Iz said...

cuak ni tunggu result 17hb jun ni.