STRuCTuRe oF eNGLiSH...!!!

So we finished with Syntax today. I don’t know if I can say it as relief or not because I did it badly. Maybe I should start to be a little bit more diligent after this. Want to know how bad I did my Syntax? Well, here goes.

I went into Cendana Hall fully prepared. The lecturers who were invigilating were Miss Fatin, Madam Sharifah and a male Master student. I sat at the back. I like seeing everybody while doing my exam, seeing who comes out first and who comes out last, so on and so forth. After I took a seat, I filled up my attendance form.

The course’s name is actually Structure of English coded TSL476. There were 5 parts, and everything was extremely difficult. I took a lot of time trying to answer the questions right in the first 4 parts till I didn’t have enough time to finish all 10 tree diagrams. Sadly, I only managed to finish 5 out of 10 tree diagrams. I was so sad that I didn’t even know how to be upset anymore. I guess other people would be crying in the toilet or something for not completing their tree diagrams, but instead I went to the TESL Square and sit there looking into the blue sky stare at nothing. Considering that we haven’t gotten our carry marks yet and that’s making it even more unbearable. The fact that I might have to repeat this course in the next semester just creeps the hell out of me.

The next paper is the hardest, PELT. I don’t know what I’m gonna with this. I’m trying really hard forcing myself to read the notes but the laziness just keeps on bugging me. Hope I’m not gonna regret this. I surely don’t want to repeat any papers.

Wanna know what happened with PELT? Stay tuned. ☺

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bombay said...

chill la iz..mesty pass nye..:)

Iz said...

amiin...harap² pass la...tak larat aku nak repeat paper...huhuhuh XD