a SHoRT uPDaTe...!!!

Hi fellow readers. It was a really long time ago since the last I updated. I'm sorry as I didn't have the time to pour my thoughts and write them on this blog. I may have made my readers feel bored by old updates. 

This semester has been really tough on me. We had done fundraising, co-drama, and a whole lot more. I'm having my study week as we speak and I'll be having my final examination starting from the 28th of April. If you look closely to the date, the next day to our first paper is my birthday. I'm so looking forward to celebrating my birthday this year as this will be the year where I'll leave my teen year. Yeah, no more "teen" as a suffix every time I tell people how old I am in the future.

I don't know what to feel or how to feel about my age now. Am I supposed to feel happy because I'm getting close to maturity or should I feel unenlightened because I'm getting old? Haha. I think it's the matter of seeing it from your own perspective, whether to see a glass half full or a glass half empty. Usually, I see everything half full, and this will be the same, I guess.

I better get going now. I need to stick the Ethnic Relations facts into this thick skull of mine. As usual, I'll update on every paper that we have. See you on the next entry.

Best wishes. (^__^)

2 comment(s):

Amir Izuddin Ghazali said...

er..motif no more teen?
so what do you think i am huh?

Iz said...

u're older than old...huhuhuh XD