Skim Latihan Tenaga Pengajar, what's the deal?


I don't know what's the deal. I don't know whether I should keep on hoping that I'm gonna get it or just accept the fact that I've already failed the interview 90%. Apparently, "selling" myself during the interview didn't help me much. To tell you the truth, I'm extremely sad for not getting this scholarship. People around me keep on saying that I shouldn't stop hoping for it even though I'm just a "calon simpanan", it doesn't mean that I don't have the chance to get it.
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Well, that's not all. FYI, I'm also appealing for JPA Sabah's scholarship, also known as Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS). Why I used the word "appealing"? Yes, because I failed to get the scholarship either. How pathetic my life can be? I thought I was such a talented person that no one would think twice to let me get a scholarship. Well, apparently not. I'm starting to doubt myself. I'm starting to think that I'm just not good enough to get a scholarship. Yes, I'm currently under PTPTN but who wants to stay indebted to the government when they are tons of scholarship opportunities out there?

I called BKNS and they said that the result would be out around November. When? They weren't sure themselves. I've always contemplated between these 2 scholarships. Yeah, I might not get them both considering the circumstances now, but let's join me make a comparison between these 2 scholarships.

  • RM3500 (or less) per semester for pocket money
  • Fee automatically paid to UiTM (I guess?)
  • Thesis allowance RM150
  • Flight tickets back and forth to East Malaysia
  • Usually no contract as there's no vacancy available
  • RM4200 per semester for pocket money
  • Fee automatically paid to UiTM
  • Book allowance RM500
  • Stationary allowance RM100
  • Thesis allowance RM300 
  • Practicum RM10 per day, max 90 days = RM900
  • Flight tickets back and forth to East Malaysia
  • To be posted to any Politeknik or Kolej Komuniti nationwide for 4 years as a contract  

From what I've been told by my friends who has gotten SLTP scholarship and they've understood the T&C, if they want to further their study to Master level, all they have to do is apply for it and they will be sponsored to further their study but as a return they have to add another 2 years of service under the Ministry of Higher Education.

I guess, I'm gonna take which one comes first. Haha, I might not even get both. If that happens, then PTPTN is my solution. If I may, I would like to try again next year. Maybe this is why the interviewer who interviewed me said "Never stop applying for scholarships." before I went out from the interview room. Just not my luck. :'(

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