CLaSSRooM oBSeRVaTioN & WHaTNoT...!!!

Have u ever read the poem Swift Things are Beautiful by Elizabeth Coatsworth? I did something swift today and that's going back and forth from Shah Alam to Teluk Intan just to complete a classroom observation for PELT. Well, basically I want to talk about what happened today. Let me tell you the story from the very beginning. Warning: this might get really long.

I was coming out from the very best toilet u could ever find in Section 17, the INTEC Library’s. I saw Tebes, Frankie, Subo, Kerey and Ijat were talking at the hallway. I joined them and talked about cars and stuff. By the way, Tebes got a new car. Well, it’s not literally new as it is a second-hand car but it’s his second car so it’s basically new to him right? Okay, cut the crap.

So when I was talking to them I was informed that Tebes & Daus were gonna go for their classroom observation (an assignment we need to write a report on) at Tebes’ former school, SMK Seri Perak. At first, I thought that going there was such an outlandish idea but considering Tebes knew the teacher that was gonna be observed I guess it made sense.

I didn’t plan to go with them till I got out of my nap later that evening. I was thinking that I didn’t have any plans for the assignment. I thought maybe they wouldn’t mind me tagging along with them. After finished with our futsal game later that night (which I was really suck on), I asked Tebes if I could join them. Fortunately, he agreed! Just my luck, I guess.

So I was awaken by Tebes this morning. He stayed for the night, by the way. I was so excited I got into the bathroom and take my shower. Tebes went back to Meranti to get ready and came back to get Daus & I. Before we started our journey, we went to the gas station to fill up the gas and top-up the Touch ‘N Go. While we were in the Guthrie highway, Daus found out that Tebes owned a SmartTAG and we were gonna use that all the way. It was really funny how Daus was all clumsy and awkward with that device. We had a pretty good laugh about it.

We arrived at Teluk Intan at approximately 1.30pm and we went straight to the school. Ran into few of Tebes’ former teachers and then we went instantly to the school main office. We got everything done within minutes. We set up 3 desks and chair at the back of the class before the students got in to the class.

The observation went pretty smoothly. I recorded the whole session while Tebes wrote everything in his notebook. Daus was getting pictures, I guess. After the whole thing was done, we thanked the teacher for letting us observe her. It was such a great experience seeing the teacher taught the students. I mean, I used to be a high school student but it wasn’t the same. i thought the way the teacher taught the students was good as she maintained a good information transference between the students and her. She told us that what she did was all because she wanted the students to nurture the confidence to voice out as students are usually good in writing and reading but not in listening and speaking. it was such a great experience.

Then, Tebes brought us to the place where they have the finest Nasi Briyani in Teluk Intan. Considering that I was on diet I just took a slice of mutton meat. Boy, even I was on diet I could still enjoy that scrumptious dish which I could never get anywhere else. Once we had our lunch, we went to the place where Tebes used to work, then go see the leaning tower of Teluk Intan and finally went to his house. I saw he fell asleep at his couch and I got the opportunity to charge my BlackBerry.

After meeting with Tebes’ parents, we departed from his house approximately at 6.20pm. After entering the entrance toll at Guthrie highway, something happened. Because the road was too slippery, our car almost crashed into left and right divider. Thanks to Tebes’ driving skills, we didn’t crash into anything. My heart stopped for a second. Well, it was somewhat an extremely cool experience as I was in the car when the car drifted but I was so grateful that it didn’t cost us our lives. Phew!

Well, I think I got everything covered. We got to Shah Alam safely. I’m so tired for sitting in the car for the whole journey and I think I better head to bed now. Thanks for reading this long entry. By the way, I’ve just updated my edublog and it was about ADHD children. Feel free to drop by here.

Until next time, good night everybody! \(^__^)/

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