BYe KoTa KiNaBaLu, HYe SHaH aLaM...!!!

That's SACC Mall, it's located in Shah Alam. I arrived in Shah Alam at around 4.30pm yesterday. My flight from Kota Kinabalu was delayed 15 minutes due to air traffic jam, as been told by the female pilot.

I took a cab from LCCT to Shah Alam which cost me RM64.20. The cab driver was a Chinese old man, and to tell you the truth the ride with him was not pleasant at all. He was a pervert, which was kind of freaky. He kept on asking me if the girl at the toll counter was cute, or even the girl who stopped beside us when we were at a traffic light was not up to his taste. He also said he wouldn't mind as long as they were girls. He was making me uncomfortable. All I did was smile and nodded my head when I had nothing to say anymore.

When we were on our way to Section 7, we passed by Section 2. It was rather isolated, but not for long as starting today the diploma students will be coming in and tomorrow it's going to be our turn to register at our respective college.

So, I arrived at my brother's rented house and his house-mates thought that I was merely a friend. They didn't think that I was his younger sibling. Well, I didn't find that awkward at all as we don't have any resemblances at all. When I was at Guardian to get some toiletries, I got a text message from Alem saying that he was in Shah Alam. We decided to meet up at Big Apple, SACC (a reason why I'm using the picture above). We chatted about our ASASI time and talked about who will continue their study and where they'll be doing it.

I don't know what to do today. The registration for degree students will only be tomorrow and I've got nothing to do today. Maybe I'll just watch TV while I still can, and Facebooking, of course. I just can't wait to register tomorrow. The excitement to be degree students is unbearable.

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ballqiszbelle said...

goodluck for ur degree studies~

yUKi said...

sorry to hear about the cab driver, atleast u're a guy n he's interested with girls =_= if it were me i'd be freaked

n have an awesome time in degree XD

Iz said...

thanks guys, eyh I mean, GIRLS...!!! heheheheh XD