SeVeNTY FiRST PoST...!!!

This is my 71st post on my blog. I didn't realize that I've been blogging this much in my entire life as a blogger. Even though I'm not a celebrity blogger like Perez Hilton, I still like to blog about my life, and everything that revolves around it.

I've been tagged by Athirah Azman. She was my classmates for 2 consecutive semesters during our ASASI time. So, I'll cherish my 71st blog entry by answering her tag. Before I proceed I'd like to apologize to Alyaa Jamaludin for not being able to answer her tag because it was such a difficult tag to answer.

Write 5 interesting facts about the person who tagged you;

1. At first I found her someone that doesn't really talk much, but once I got to know her she was friendly.
2. She has a love-hate relationship with cats. I read about her being in love with the new cat at her home but so afraid to go near it.
3. She's taken by Zulhaili Safwan. Something that I envy about her.
4. She's a good wicked witch. She played the role as a wicked witch in our drama Tun Teja. It was tough at first, but she managed to pull it off.
5. When she laughs, she can't seem not to put her hand to cover her mouth. Something that was really funny when we had our drama practice.

Yeah...!!! I managed to pull it off...!!!

5 interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies;

1. I love to sing. Even when I'm not well enough to sing, I would sing anyway so that I can get my voice back.
2. I love the color green so much. I'll go if I see something that's green in color and it's not mine.
3. Some say that confidence is my weapon (it's because I'm crazy). It takes a lot of practice, it can be nurtured.
4. I'm trying to get myself into theater now. It suddenly strikes me that I love to sing and act too.
5. I'm cute. Enough said.

5 people you want to tag;

1. Ezza Nabila (I know you've been tagged, I just want u to do it again. uhuhuh
2. Zulaikha Farhana
3. Nadhirah Rahman
4. Fayruz Omar
5. Mersita Sheila Wasli

Have fun answering my tag...!!!

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