iT'S THeiR LoSS...!!!

Okay, it creeps the hell out of me to look at the picture above but I just want to express how much angry and satisfied I am right now.

I was sleeping soundly this morning because I couldn't sleep till it was quarter past 5 in the morning, so I was having a pretty good sleep. I was awake by at 10 something, but I wasn't fully awake and I intended to continue my sleep because I feel light headed of not getting enough sleep. Suddenly, my phone rang. There it was playing Adam Lambert's Whataya Want From Me. I let it rang for 10 seconds and look at the screen of my Blueberry. It was a number that I didn't recognize. I cleared my throat, twice. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't sound like someone who had just gotten up from his sleep.

Me: Hello?

Someone: Hello. May I speak to Iz Rijap? (she was saying my real name actually)

Me: This is he. Can I help you?

Someone: Well, I'm the manager from McDonald's Airport branch. You applied for a job here for the crew position right? So, we would like for you to come for the interview this Friday.

Me: Err, I already have a job. (which I already quit!)

Someone: Really? (sounded surprised and disappointed) Where are you working right now?

Me: I work at KFC Putatan branch. (I worked at Petronas, by the way)

Someone: Owh really? What a waste...

Me: But I applied for the job way back in March. Why am I just get called now? (intrigued)

Someone: Seriously...??? (perplexed) Hurm, I don't why I didn't see your application before because there has been many applications we received.

Me: I waited too long to get called, that's why I had to find other job.

Someone: Maybe you can just come to the interview first. We'll tell you about the salary and who knows maybe you'll be interested...??? (trying to persuade me, huh?)

Me: I don't know. I mean, I already have a job here...

Someone: But you look so cute in your picture...


Someone: So, what say you?

Me: I'll see what I can do.

Someone: Ok sure. If you can come, be here at 3 pm on Friday. Thanks. See ya!

Well, that was what happened. The manager was insisting for me to come for the interview simply because she thought I was cute. I mean, I was really flattered with the compliment but did she really just ignore the fact that I can speak both English and Mandarin fluently as stated in my application form and asked me to come to the interview because she thought I can sell my look? I won't let my talent just go to waste. No, not just like that! (Tun Teja, 2010)

Well, if I'm not waiting for the UPU result, I might even try my luck and go for the interview, but what should I waste my time, right? Speaking of which, tomorrow is the day...!!! The day where I'll find out where am I going to continue my studies in the degree level. I hope everything will go smoothly tomorrow at 12pm, because I would love to be able to check my result right away and not to have problem with the server because of Internet traffic jam.

Let's keep our palm open to pray and fingers cross, so that I can get back to UiTM...!!!

6 comment(s):

yUKi said...

hahahha she tot u're cute? hahahaha
gud luck btw XD

Iz said...

well, she thought I was cute because she haven't seen my ASSet yet...if she does, she won't say I'm cute, but smokin' hot...!!! hahhaah XD

Amrina Cob said...

hahahha.ape took them that long..boleh plak tak nmpk application form..tpi ok least she thought u'r cute..=)

Iz said...

tu ar kan...alasan cam ntah ape² kan...camni ke buat keje...??? huhuhuh XD

Sang Karipap said...

Dia dah tergoda tu..pegi la iz. Mana tau leh jadi anak ikan ke..ngahahahaha

Iz said...

hahahah...kalau aku tak sambung degree kat UiTM maybe aku bleh jadi anak ikan la kot...akku demand teros jadi supervisor bleh...??? hahahah XD