oNe STeP CLoSeR...!!!

Owh, how much I missed my blog. It's been awhile since I've updated my blog. It's not that my life has been dull and don't have anything to write about. My holiday has been interesting, but the hectic and chaotic life of being a gas station staff was making me feel tired all day.

I quit my job last week. A complete whole month of working there was enough to teach me a few more things about the reality of the working world. After Eiqien quit being the Head Mesra, I had to take her place. I had to do everything all by myself. I was suddenly promoted as the assistant supervisor, even though I got the same pay with more responsibilities. It was exhausting till they found my new assistant, Kak Nurul. I called her "kak" because she's already married and she's just 25 years old. It was kinda awkward to have someone older than you to work under you. It felt ill at ease to boss around somebody that's already married but I guess I have more experience in doing the Mesra thingy so it was kinda okay.

I had my MEdSI interview when I was working there. I had to lie to the clerk (which was extravagantly annoying) by saying my paternal grandmother (who died years ago) has died. I had to do that to prevent them from deducting my salary because it cost me one-day-salary for being absent that day. Well, my salary got deducted anyway so it didn't worth the lie. I think I did great for my interview. I had to mock-teach on the topic Verb, I talked about PPSMI and all. They asked me if I were to be offered to continue my studies in UMS (the interview was held there) instead of UiTM, would I accepted the offer. I told them that if it was something that inevitable then I had no choice. Besides, the most crucial thing is for me to pursue TESL, no matter where I will be doing it. I think I was pretty convincing and confident during the interview. So. let's keep our fingers cross and hope that I'll get selected to come back to UiTM.

Few days ago, I bought a brand new phone. This is the first time for me to buy a Malaysian brand, and it's CSL Blueberry-@9350. The design looks really nice and BlackBerry-ish but trust me, this is the last time I'll buy this brand. I'll just have to hold on to this phone till I'll find another 2 phones that can replace this phone (because I put 2 numbers in one phone). I was attracted to buy this phone because of its dual-sim function, which enabled me to turn 2 numbers at a time and its QWERTY keypad. I didn't really care that it wasn't as good as the real BlackBerry because it can't be compared at all but this phone has been nothing but trouble to me. At first, I got myself a Black colored version of this phone but its software was conked out which made me unable to make any calls. Then I went back to the place where I bought the phone and they replace me with the White colored version as they were out of stock and apparently the one I bought was the only one they had, and unfortunately it was not good in condition.

I went back home only to realize that the battery was not at its good condition as well because its power easily gets worn out. I brought myself again to the shop and complaint about it. Unfortunately, they ran out of battery stock as well for my phone model and they asked me to go to the next building where CSL service center (which was closed on the day) is located. I went home that day only to realize that the camera wasn't functioning as it should be. Whenever I chose to take pictures in 3.2 megapixels, the phone will shut itself. I went to the shop again for the third time now and demanded for them to give me a new set. They refused to do so as they claimed I have scared the phone while I was using it. I got sicked of their excuse and went to the CSL service center instead and they gave me a new set, after tested to reformat the phone software but to no avail as the problem still occurred. Went back home, and same problem occurred. Called them to get me an explanation, they asked to to come to the service center, again. They couldn't figure out what is actually wrong with the phone. They asked me to hold on with the current set that I'm having right now and they'll get the info from KL headquarters about the problem. So far, the phone has been functioning well except for its camera. I'm still waiting for CSL service center to inform me what the fuck is the matter with this phone model. Till then, I'll have to bear with this phone.

In a few days time, the UPU result will be revealed. According to the website, the result will be held on 3rd week of June, which is probably between 14th-18th June and I haven't bought my flight ticket yet. I've checked the price and it'll cost me at least RM260++, if I buy it now. If I buy it later, of course it'll get more blood-sucking expensive.

I can't wait to find out where I'll be continuing my degree. Whether I'll be pursuing TESL in UiTM or UKM, or pursuing English for Professional Communication in Language Studies Academy in UiTM too, only God knows about it. Let's just hope I'll get selected to come back to UiTM. I'm one step closer to it...!!!

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