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Well, after a few days of waiting I finally got the result for my UPU application. As stated above, I'll be continuing my studies at the degree level in Teaching English as a Second Language or TESL for short. I'll be registering again at Kolej Meranti on the 27th June 2010.

I can't express with word how much happy I was when I got to know the result. I screamed to the top of my throat. Luckily no one was at home at that time. Supposedly, we only be able to know the result after 12pm on 18th June but a friend of mine who is also coursemate-to-be, Nad told me that a friend of hers found out a way to check it earlier, which was on the day of 17th June. I decided to try the method and guess what? It worked! So I decided to spread the word and also paste a print-screen photo of my result on Facebook. Basically, anyone who's in my friends list know how to "hack" UPU from me right after that.

I discovered that there will only be 5 of us, the original Merantians, who will be coming back there. Well, there was actually 6 of us but Faris decided that he wanted to pursue his study in IPBA instead. I will be accompanied by Adam, Anas, Akmal and Haziq. Surprisingly, Haziq will be joining us as a UiTM TESL student again. He wasn't get called for the MEdSI interview for UiTM, which means his MEdSI interview was meant for his 2nd choice institution, Malaysia National University or UKM for short. When he was all excited to get ready for UKM, he was shocked by the fact that he will go to UiTM instead. I must say, he got that opportunity simply because he went for MEdSI interview at INTEC and expressed his disappointment of not being chose to get back for MEdSI for UiTM whereas he was qualified. Maybe the interviewers checked his qualification (since they're UiTM staffs) and found out that he was indeed qualify to be called for UiTM.

I think my fellow readers would notice that I don't use any emoticon in my post right now. Well, I still have them in my editing panel but to tell you the truth I'm starting to get bored of using them. It's because every time I take time to use an emoticon (because of the fact that I need to drag them here and there), it somehow makes me forget what I was trying to say earlier, which is not a good thing considering I might fail to deliver the actual story and change it to a different direction altogether. But on the hand, I feel like I still want to use them though sometimes it can be cute watching them in action on my blog. So, I've made up my mind about it. I'm only gonna use emoticons at a very minimal extent but still I'm gonna use it whenever I need to. For example, if I want to make a "termotif" reaction, it will be represented as or or even

I think I need to call it a day now. I've got a lot of things to settle the next morning and I don't think I'll be waking up early but I need to settle everything as early as possible because KK has the tendency to rain in the middle of the afternoon, and I hate bringing an umbrella along with me.

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