MiNGGu DeSTiNi SiSWa...!!!

Yeah...!!! It's the orientation week for the university that I'm in now, MARA Technology University or UiTM for short. I'm excited just like the one and only green smiley above. The green smiley represents me who is really obsessed with the color green till my skin color changed to green. Hah! Just kidding, even though I love green so much, I wouldn't want myself to be turned into green alien or something. Brown is fine with me, I'm green at heart, only. ivanjaya.net

Anyway, the orientation week has just come to its end. I'm pretty relieved that it's over now, though I only joined the first 2 days of it. Tomorrow, all of us will be going to our respective faculties to have a meeting session with the dean. Basically, we'll be briefed on the course that we'll take for the whole period of being in the degree program. I've seen our list of courses that we will take this semester and it's making me feel overwhelmed. I just can't wait to go Section 17 and go to TESL Square again, the place that I've left for almost 3 months now. Gagak Cafe, INTEC Library and everything else. ivanjaya.net

The internet connection here is extremely fast right now, surprisingly! I think while I still have the time to download all TV shows now, I have got to do it right away before the rest come back and make the connection going damn slow again. ivanjaya.net

I'm gonna update about the day with the faculty tomorrow. Oh yeah, please remind me to claim the Drama DVD and the money for our drama from Miss Sally okay! ivanjaya.net

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yUKi said...

ahhh the gagak cafe, the tesl square, missing it too bt a part of me somehow doesn't want to go back ^^

Iz said...

hahahha...that's what we call laziness-sick...bukan homesick dah nanti...huhuhuhu...xpe ar nanti kalau ade i mesti u tak bosan...huhuhuh XD