THiNGS Go WRoNG...!!!

I hate it when things didn't go as I planned them. It made me felt frustrated and angry because of the hard work that I've put into one thing didn't pay back as what I deserved.

It was about PTPTN. I went to Annexe Hall on Saturday where they set up the counters for submitting the application form for PTPTN. I got there at around 9am, and I was damn tired because I went overnight at Cathay Cineleisure earlier with Fafay, Alyaa and Niessa. We watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice and hung out at NZ Garden in KL after that. I didn't get any sleep (but I managed to take a nap for half an hour or so), once I got back I immediately took off my contact lens and changed. I didn't even take my shower and headed to Annexe Hall immediately because I was afraid that if I stalled any longer it would have taken much longer to settle everything.

I took a number, which was 1273. I looked at the current number. 1025...!!! I was stunned by the number appeared on the screen. It was another 200+ turns of people till I got to my number. I quickly find a seat where the other TESL students were sitting, waiting for their turns. I pulled out my file, and arranged everything in place accordingly. I made sure everything was done perfectly.

Long story short, I waited for almost 3 hours. Finally, they called my number and I was asked to go to the 2nd counter. There was this one bespectacled guy who was supposed to entertain my needs (this sounded wrong), or should I say, checked my documents. He was looking at my parents' salary and he said that the figure I put in the application form and the figure that presented on the tax statement were not the same and according to the figure stated on the tax statement, I was not even qualified to get full loan which was RM26k. I was perplexed by everything he told me. I was baffled and confused and I didn't know what to do. He said that I had to get my parents' monthly salary statement that day immediately, if I wanted to submit my application form on that day. It was the last day of submission and error like this happened.

I asked the HEP officer if they could receive fax on that day, but they said that since it was Saturday and the office was closed hence she couldn't help me with the faxing matter. She asked to to go to the library and asked them instead. But before I went there, I called my Mom.

Unfortunately, when I called my Mom, she was on her way to my grandparents' house in Papar. My granddad was hospitalized due to suspected dengue fever and she had to go visit and looked after him at the hospital. Poor him. For someone who's almost 90-year-old to have an illness like this is a serious danger. My Mom said that Dad was at his office and to make matters worse, she didn't keep any of the statement at home. Everything was left at the office. I was speechless. I never thought that things would turned out pretty badly. From that moment on, I knew it was hopeless.

I told my Mom that there was nothing that we could do anymore and I decided that I'm not gonna apply for PTPTN. According to the people in-charged, they said that the next application submission will be held in the middle of August, which is next month. The reason I gave up PTPTN because it was just my back up plan. My original plan was applying for a scholarship sponsored by JPA Sabah. I've been informed that the result will be out in the early of August, which is why applying for PTPTN by then will not worth it, because I might get the scholarship from JPA Sabah instead of loan from PTPTN. Besides, JPA Sabah has a lot more to offer compared to PTPTN. Like free tickets going back and forth to Sabah once a year.

Speaking of which, I've already bought tickets for my flight going back to Sabah this coming Raya. Since I didn't go back for Raya last year, I am gonna go back this year as my elder brother will be going back as well. Buying flight ticket was a bummer, because of the price that I had to pay. Total money spent for my 2-way flight ticket cost my parents RM627. I somehow felt guilty for asking such amount from my Dad just because I wanted to go back for Raya. I guess there will be no "duit raya" for me this year.

I seriously hope that JPA Sabah will approve my application, because I'm done with PTPTN.

3 comment(s):

Rynn Cowbra said...

wohhh! I ingatkan ptptn senang aje nak apply. pfffft! it's okay, Iz!

Maybe you're meant to get JPA's.

Iz said...

orang² PTPTpu banyak songeh...hopefully i dapat JPA sabah tu...tapi kalau tak dapat pon i apply je PTPTpu bulan ogos tu nanti...huhuh XD

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