BaCHeLoR iN eDuCaTioN (TeSL)...!!!

Okay, the American proverb above is a little bit exaggerated. There's no way I'm gonna be in the degree program for the rest of my life. I'm gonna be there for 4 years and trust me 4 years seem a pretty long period but it's actually not. 4 years will pass just like it happens yesterday.

Today was the first day of my time in the degree program for Teaching English as a Second Language or B.Ed TESL, what my seniors and lecturers always say. I went to see Dr.Shireena, our head program first thing in the morning to ask her about EDU455, the course that was not meant to be in the schedule because it was the course the we weren't supposed to take till in the 2nd semester. She said she would get back to me once she clarified the matter with the person in-charge of making the schedule.

Our first class today was EDU430, Introduction to Guidance & Counseling. Our lecturer is Madam Sharifah Muzlia and she was the moderator for the forum we had during the 2nd day of the orientation at the faculty. She told us a little bit about this and that on the course. So far what I understood about this course is that it won't be a hard course to score as long as you submit your assignments on time. So I think I can use this partition of my brain to give extra attention to courses that are harder to score.

The class finished early and we were dismissed at around half passed 9am. Ijad, Anas, Adam & I went to "Cafe Belakang" to have our brunch. I've been missing the food there, a lot. I prefer this cafe compared to the other 2 cafes because of its cheaper price. It's not blood-sucking like other cafes. Stumbled upon Dr.Shireena before that and she told me to tell everybody that EDU455 is not gonna be taken during this semester so any class regarding that matter is canceled. Told my classmates about it and some people too. Hopefully they can get the info right, and fast!

New semester has started means we'll have new courses. The course that we have to take this semester are different, like a-total-out-of-the-galaxy kind of difference. This time around, we're not only learning the English language, but also the courses that prepare us on how to be educators. So, I've been thinking a few acronyms for all the courses this semester and I think I've come up with the most suitable ones. These are the courses and their acronyms:

EDU404 - History and Philosophy in Education (HPiE, pronounced as "HP")
EDU430 - Introduction to Guidance & Counseling (G&C)
TSL420 - Literature in English (Literature)
TSL426 - Linguistics in Language Teaching (Linguistics)
CTU551 - Islamic & Asian Civilization (TITAS)
Note that these abbreviations are only my suggestions and you have no obligations to follow each and every one of them. I made it as fun as possible and easier to remember for everybody. I would suggest my classmates to use this method, but just like what I mentioned earlier you have not obligations to do so.

I met a few of my ASASI juniors at the library just now. They were okay and I liked them already, but all of the guys are freaking tall. Having juniors in the university is not the same as having them during high school. This is somewhat new to me and I hope that they won't be making any mistakes that we did, especially the MUET part. I gave them some tips about what to do during lectures, why submitting your assignments is the most vital thing to do and I'm selling my virgin Malaysian Studies book to this one tall guy happened to be my junior. I hope I'll be able to mingle to each and every one them, especially the guys because I'm somehow proud of them because of the number they made this year of the cohort.

Miss Zarina texted me and told me that she'll be needing some hands for the juniors' MUET workshop soon. I'm really looking forward to joining them and help them to get through the obstacles of facing MUET, the nightmare for the students who didn't get the chance to get into B.Ed TESL.

Better get going. I'm gonna go out later evening to get a folder to keep my papers in it and I'm having my evening tea later on. Have fun...!!!

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