Hi guys...!!!

I know, it's been awhile since the last time I posted an entry in my blog...You guys must have been waiting for so long now...

Sorry for not updating my blog...It's just that my life now is kind of hectic and chaotic a little bit...Not literally saying so, but I'm so busy at the moment...And so lazy too...(^_^)

I have lots and lots of assignment that I haven't finish yet...Since I only have just one more week to get my assignments complete then we'll be going for study leave...Yup, and then right after that it's gonna proceed to Raya Holiday...

Let's join me and we can recall what are the assignments that I need to submit before the 2 weeks holiday...

  • College Study Skill - Final Project (My part is the presentation)
  • College Study Skill - Portfolio
  • Malaysian Studies - 2000 words essay
  • College Writing - Monsters vs Alien Presentation
  • Computer Literacy - 3rd Assignment (Teaching material development)
That is all as far as I can remember...Maybe if there is more assignments to complete I'll just ask my friends later...Hehehehe

I have been fasting in Shah Alam for almost 2 weeks already...I really enjoy life here...I mean, things that I do here are all new experience for me...There's a bazaar at Seksyen 2...Things that they have there are so tempting...

Speaking of Raya, I know everybody must be really excited and just can't wait to celebrate with their familiy...But it's a big no-no for me...FYI, I'm not going anywhere during the upcoming Raya as I will just stay in Shah Alam with my elder brother in Seksyen 7...

Ok...Better get going...Lots of assignment need to be completed...Feeling hungry...hehehehe


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