TiMe MaNaGeMeNT...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

What is time management? People always think that managing time is not that important but there is a whole lot more than that. According to some information I found from the net, time management actually refers to a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals.

One of the ways to manage time is to create a master schedule. But do you think people will follow the master schedule accordingly? Do you think they will obey the master schedule 100%? Well, if you ask me I don’t think normal human being would follow the master schedule accordingly. Why? As we are normal human being of course we are bound by the laws and rules, but there is also a thing that we should not forget which normal human being is also has the tendency to go against the rules. Some people might think that rules are made to be broken. That is why we can see people are doing crime whatsoever.

It has been 3 weeks since I came to UiTM Malaysia, Shah Alam. I can see that some of the students are very bad at managing their time. It is not that I am saying that I am perfect, heck I am a human being as well but still people are bound to have their own opinion, right? I do not know about the TESLian girls, but I surely know what are the TESLian guys have been doing here at Kolej Meranti. I’m not saying that they are culture shock, but they really need to pull themselves together and focus on what actually they come here for. Seems like some of them have forgotten why they come here in the first place.

You can name few guys that usually go out after class and will just go back at the very last minute. I mean, do you really have to go out to town each and every day of your life? I know there are lots of temptations in this very urban city like Shah Alam, but I think you really have to adapt with the surroundings as quickly as possible. That is when your maturity comes in handy. Another thing that has been irritating most of us here is there are few guys that actually spending most of their time with TESLian girls. I mean it is okay if you are meeting those girls for group discussion whatsoever, but I do not think you need to figure out what actually happen. They actually spending time with those girls so that they can get at least one of them to be their future girlfriend. To make things worse, some of the guys actually already have a girlfriend back at their hometown. I do not know what are they trying to prove, but obviously it is a wrong thing to do. Maybe they wanted to show the other guys that they are hotter than the rest as they can get girls easily. I am not so sure about that.

When they go out and come back pretty late, they will have the problem to wake up early in the next morning. There were some cases that some guys actually came in late for their classes. Luckily they were just late for 5 minutes and the lecturer was not in the class at that moment. I am afraid that they will lose their focus and eventually flunk from this course. Honestly, I do not want that to happen to them as I consider them just like my real family, even so if I talk to them about their behavior of course they will not listen to me. As for me, I have not face the problem that the others are facing right now, yet.

I still have my focus on what must come first which this TESL course. I think we have to start to snap back to reality and recall what should come first. We should really manage our time so that we can do anything without anxiety. For example, if you wanted to make use of your leisure time make sure that you have set your leisure time is on weekends. To be safe, do not go out unless each and every assignment that has been assigned by your lecturer has been completed. Do not keep on delaying your work and procrastinate everything. That is why the psychologist keeps on telling us to create our own master schedule, but I think we still can survive everyday life without creating the master schedule. Just remember one simple rule; always keep the first thing first.

When there are lots of works you have to finish, always sit down and think for awhile. For the best result, prioritize them. For example, if you have assignments on College Writing and College Study Skills at the same time, there are a few things that you have to consider. Consider on the difficulties of the assignments and the due date for the submission of the assignments. In that way, you can finish every assignment with ease and stress-free.

As a result, you will not face any problem. You can finish your assignment and later have leisure time with your friends. As a human being, we deserve to have some fun so that we will not gone crazy. Just do not have too much fun as it will drag you to the world of fantasy. Of course you have to discipline yourself in order to cope with all the works that you need to finish on time. That way, you are going to have a better tomorrow.

Okay guys, I need to go...Not feeling so well...Maybe gonna catch a fever...


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