Hi guys...!!!

This is actually to tell all my classmates in Group 1C that there are several classes that will be postponed next week for Monday and Tuesday. Here's the list of classes that are postponed next week:

  • TSL 021 - College Writing 1 (Miss Zarina)
  • TSL 041 - Grammar 1 (Miss Afni)
  • TSL 031 - Listening & Speaking (Miss Zarina)
  • TSL 011 - College Reading 1 (Madam Nazeera)
  • TSL 051 - College Study Skills (Miss Azyyati)
All Miss Zarina's classes will be conducted tomorrow which is Friday (12/06/09) from 2.30 - 6.00 pm. Another thing is just now Miss Salliza called me and she told me that she will be around on Wednesday and class will be just like usual. So don't listen to rumor as if it was true that a lecturer won't be around, he/she must have told me. I hope there will be no such confusion okay?

Okay fellow TESLian, if you still have any question or any enquiries, just give me a ring ok...You know how to reach me...