CaMPuS ZoNe...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

Sorry for not updating my blog daily...It's not that I didn't want to, it's just that my life ha
s been perfectly busy right now...Lots and lots of assignment that is given by our lecturers...Actually, I wanted to update another entry on last Sunday, but due to some circumstances I couldn't find some free time to turn on my laptop, sit back and write something...

Well, I am actually in the INTEC Library right now...The reason I'm here is because I was suppose to have a group discussion with Fairuz, Hanis and Eja but they aren't here... was actually with me just now and she were ready to start the discussion with me...But suddenly, out of the blue her friend called her and asked her to pick her up at the hospital...Fairuz told me that her friend, which happen to be a girl with her boyfriend, had an accident last night...Poor that girl, I hope she would be okay...While Hanis and Eja aren't arrived yet...I texted them just now and they told me that they are waiting the RapidKL T529 bus at Seksyen 2 bus stop...That leaves me alone in this very huge INTEC Library...

In the mean time, let's talk about INTEC Library...This library has 3 floors, every floor has it own reading section...In addition, it has cyber cafe at the 1st floor which allow UiTM students who doesn't have their own laptop to go to the Internet...As for students that has their own laptop, they can register their name with INTEC Library in order to use the INTEC WiFi...As for me, I didn't register my name to use the INTEC WiFi as I already own a Celcom Broadband...I don't think it is necessary for me to do that...I should be giving some other students to get to use the INTEC WiFi...Eventhough Celcom Broadband sometimes do get on my nerves...(>_<)

Reading corner

Discussion corner

Another thing about this library is the air-conditioner here is so freezing cold...I keep on warming my hands as I spend my time here it's getting colder and colder...

Last week was my 1st week in INTEC...INTEC is actually stands for International Education Center...You can see the chinese, indian and others here as this is the place where they prepared the students for foundation and right after they finish their foundation here they will get to further their studies overseas...!!!! Due to similar courses, the Faculty of Education is placed here...Not just that, Faculty of Music is also placed here...I don't know why, maybe they are short of building back in main campus...

Our schedule is really packed...But fortunately, my group which is Group 1C, is the group that will start class at 2.10 in the afternoon every Tuesday...!!! How cool is that, huh??? All classes were great...The assignments that are assigned to us are challenging but fun in the same time...One of the assignments was to watch the new animated movie Monsters vs Aliens...The movie was funny and enjoyable...I watched the movie 3 times to get to really understand the whole story as we are assigned to write a synopsis on the movie...That's an individual work, we have another group work which is to create a folio regarding the aspect of the movie...My group is assigned to work on Character and its Characteristic...The most easy aspect compared to the other two that are assigned to the other two groups which are Themes and Moral Values...

Well while I'm writing this blog, Eja and Hanis came they gave me some content for me to work on the Powerpoint Presentation...But Hanis haven't really found what she was looking for so she needs a little bit more time to work on her magic..While I still have no news on Fairuz'
s whereabouts...By the way, I bought a dictionary few days back...It's an Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary...Our lecturers recommended that dictionary to us...I actually bought the one that is equipped with a CD....Most of my friends bought the one that has no CD because it is RM10 cheaper than the one that I've bought...For the time being, I don't think that the CD is necessary but I know someday in the future the CD will be useful and when the time comes I won't lend it to anybody who wants it...hahahahahaha...!!!!

Okay guys...I think I better go...I need to start work on the contents that Eja and Hanis gave me just now so that I won't be rushing the time later...The presentation is on Thursday and we still haven't start...!!! Hahahaha...i hope everything will be working out...See ya...!!!


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