It's Been Awhile Now...

Hi guys!!!

You know, it's been awhile now since the last time I update my blog...I had left this blog for 2 years already and heck it is still here, alive!!! You know when I remember about my existing blog here I just couldn't sign in to my account as I forgot my God damn 'username'!!! For heaven's sake, who forgets a username huh??? Well you can't really blame me for that because this God damn blog has been left for two years already...Give me a break guys!!! But thanks goodness, I found a way to get my username back and I finally got into my editing panel...It's kinda funny coz I was thinking to get some help from a hacker friend of mine to hack my blog account so that I can get in, but the hell I need a hacker to get into my own account!!! LOL (^_^)

I think that most of you guys must be wondering why did I change my mind all of a sudden...Well, I got some good news for all of you...In 4 days time I'll be gone from here...I'm gonna get my ass to UiTM Shah Alam...I will be registering as a new student on 23rd May 09...I just can't believe that time has really gone so fast and I still keep on forgetting that I am 18 already...I'm gonna be a college student in 4 days...I'm gonna take TESL course...It's like a dream come true...I am so excited that I can't even express them into words...LOL

Well, I think that's all for now...If I write everything in to one entry then I won't have anything to say in the next entry...I think I better get going...There's a lot thing to pack and it's gonna be god damn heavy...LOL


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