eXCiTeD aND eXHauSTeD...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

I'm currently posting this entry at Quality Hotel Shah Alam. Finally, I am here in Shah Alam!!! I'm gonna go to Kolej Meranti tomorrow to get busy...I just can't wait to experience campus life...(^_^)

Me and Mom waiting at the airport

Me, Mom and Dad (didn't get a chance to take his pix) arrived at the airport at 5.15 am...We have to be there 2 hours before boarding time which is at 7.25 am...Well, it's not like usual there's not a lot of people around this hour...But shockingly this morning the check-in counter was crowded with impatient uncivilized creatures...

Impatient uncivilized creatures

Well, while we were waiting there was a bunch of people sitting behind us which I really love to call jakun...I mean, they were like so full of themselves...I know, the feeling of going on a plane for the 1st time but they were acting like monkeys and all...And there was this middle-aged lady told his son to not to be friend with mat rempit, because peninsular Malaysia is so dangerous sort of thing...She also told her son's friends to always go to church every Sunday for non-Muslim and go to mosque every Friday for the Muslim...Duh! Muslim only goes to mosque every Friday she said...I was like:"Say what???!!!" She really needs to understand more...And the volume of her voice she was using like the whole airport can listen to her lectures...(-_-)" That's why I called them a bunch of jakun...I just can't stand this type of people...I mean, there's always a 1st time for everything but do you really need to tell the whole world that this was your 1st time to get on plane and your sending your son to go to peninsular Malaysia to further his study??? Sure not!!!

Not enough with that, when we get into the inner part of the building we stumbled upon a mother with 2 boys who was really in vulnerable situation...Her older son is 2 years old and he was like really hyperactive and so out of control...He ran away from his mother who happened to carry his 3 month baby brother...Well of course she can't chase her son so that was when my mom help her to get her son...The mother has to breastfeed her baby so she can't control her hyperactive son...My mom even brought him to the convenience store to get some chocolate for him so he will stay put...Well, that on worked for 5 minutes or so and then he got bored with the chocolate and tried to feed me with it!!! I was very annoyed with this boy but of course I just put a really long smile on my face...Once again, he ran away and this time I was the one who was after him...Well, that boy sure was really fast for a 2 year old boy...And he was started to cry like crazy...Man, I really can't stand this boy...That's when Dad showed up and tried to comfort the crazy boy but he ran away again...!!! That's when I thought to myself:"This boy is not even related to us but why did we even give a damn about this insane boy?" Please don't get me wrong because I love kids, it's just this one really got on my nerves...Then there were this announcement telling the pax that the plane to Penang is ready to board and pax are now told to Q-up...I was like:"Thank God!!!" and Mom help his mother brought him Q-up...And then Mom came back and said:"It's only 6.30 am and it already feels like I went to some sort of gym or something...That naughty boy really gave me an exercise in this early morning." Me and Dad were laughing our heart out when we heard Mom said that...It's only in the morning and there were too much drama happened already...Give me a break!!! (-_-)"

Finally, we got on our plane and I can relax a bit...I noticed this new brochure in front of me...It's a list of Transformers 2 merchandise that will be available on the plane on 22nd May onwards which is today...I took it and had a look on it...The stuffs that they were selling were interesting especially this Transformer Pendrive with 2GB of memory...

Transformers 2 brochure

I felt really sleepy because I didn't sleep last night and it's hard for me to do that because there were these two Brunei guys sitting behind me and they were chatting out loud like Air Asia belongs to them...Then I switched my cell phone on and put it on Flight Mode then put the earpiece into both of my ears and and turn the music then I was able to get some sleep...Few minutes later I woke up and noticed that the lady beside me wants to go elsewhere...

Me: Can I help you, miss?

Lady: I'm sorry but I wanna go back there. There's an empty seat there.

Me: Okay. Hang on a second.

Lady: It's really hard to get some sleep because the back is so noisy.

Me: That's why I put this earpiece on.

Lady: (^_^)

Then like half our later, the stewardess announced that we were going to land soon and told us to switch off all electronic devices...The landing was smooth, didn't really felt like it's gonna crash of what like before...Kudos to this pilot... He's excellent...(^_^)

Next, we took Aerobus to KL Sentral...It's already 12 pm in the afternoon when we arrived there so we decided to go to get some lunch...While we were having our lunch, there was this guy standing next to us...He gave us a card saying that he is a deaf and he sells keychain RM 6 for 1 and RM10 for 2...So, for we bought this two spider keychain...One for me and one for Dad...I really respect this type of person...I mean, eventhough he is deaf but he didn't give up and still find a way to be independent...

Spidey keychain

After having lunch, we bought 3 train tickets to Shah Alam...We got on the train and arrived at Shah Alam at 1 pm...Not so long after that there was this taxi stopped by and we told the taxi driver that we wanna go to Quality Hotel...We took his business card and told him that we will call him tomorrow so he can take us to Kolej Meranti in Seksyen 2...We didn't reall care about the cost as long we can safely arrive at the desired destination...We arrived at Quality Hotel at 1.30 pm or so...Dad went to the reception desk and get busy while me and Mom waited in the lobby...After everything is settled, we got into the elevator and go up to 23rd floor...As we enter the hotel room we were froze in awe...The room was beautiful...

The room

The toilet

The Scenery

The beautiful sunset

After the long exciting and exhausting day, I decided to take a long hot relaxing bath in the bath tub...It was a peace of mind...

Feeling good

Okay...I think that is all...I need to get myself prepared for the registration tomorrow...I better get going and iron my shirts and all...See ya!!!


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^_^ 3JAm MeRtABurst ^_^ said...

feeling god is like a gay,,wakakaa

.:iss:. said...

oi2..da sampai SA kekdahnyer...

btw, i got exactly the same spider key chain as yours!!!

kaler pon sama noks!


Anonymous said...

wow Congrtz ...finally made to uitm ...study hard ,,find chicks..don't forget friends here hehe....