My PMR Result


Yeah...!!! Result PMR dah keluar pun...excitednya masa nak ambik the PMR slip...luckily, ada member² yang arrived awal at the school and they told me that the results will only be available at 2 pm...anyway, i was told by my friend that we were told to wear school uniform...that's the suckest thing i have ever heard...wearing school uniform time ambik PMR result...i think pengetua already menapause(dunno how to spell) lah...alah, yang dah berhenti hadi tu...people says that a woman that had stop the menstruation her emosion will 'mereng' a little bit..anyway, this is my result...(by following in the slip's order)..

Bahasa Melayu - A
Bahasa Inggeris - A
Matematik - A
Sains - B
Sejarah - B
Geografi - B
Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu Pilihan 4 - B
Pendidikan Islam - A

this means that i got 4A and 4B for my PMR...i know it is not good as my brother who managed to get 8A and 1B...but anyway, i'm one of the CEMERLANG student lar...bye...wassalam...

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